Welcome to Spring Garden Cedar

Greetings > Welcome to our website. Thank you for your interest in Spring Garden Cedar.

Quality > It is our goal to design and build all of our products to last for many seasons. Only the best Western Red Cedar is used in our products.  All of our products are assembled with waterproof glue and most use stainless steel hardware.

Designs > From the beginning, our products are designed taking into consideration function, style, ease of assembly, and strength. Our goal is for our products to add value to your life and home.

Guarantee > Items are guaranteed for two years against defects in workmanship.


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Welcome Kings Mountain Art Fair

This year I'm participating in the Kings Mt. Art Fair Labor Day Weekend. The in person Fair has been cancelled due to COVID-19. In place of the in person fair a Virtual Fair is being held to offer customers an opportunity to make a purchase to support the Kings Mt. Community. When you purchase during the Labor Day Weekend 15% of your purchase goes to support Kings Mt. All products are sold fully assembled and sanded ready for finish. See the "Finish Option" on the price pages if you would like me to apply a transparent stain finish on your furniture.

Please use the menus on the left to navigate our website, and click here for special Kings Mountain Art Show pricing.

Please contact me with any questions or to place an order.